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If, like me and many other businesses, you have your own YouTube channel, you might be unaware that there are major changes afoot.

Although these changes are not compulsory (at the moment) they have been introduced in an effort to customise your branding across multiple devices.

The worrying part is that the changes may have already taken place without your knowledge. You can switch back if you want to but my recommendation would be to accept and embrace the changes. It takes a bit of work and it’s a little fiddly in places but the effort is worth it.

So what are the changes?

You can visit

to get the lowdown on the whys and wherefores but here it is in a nutshell.

Channel Art

This is the graphic that will be used to display your channel on all the individual devices. There are lots of sizes to take into account and they are available using this link


As I said previously, it is a little complicated to follow and I had a bit of ‘trial and error’ before getting it correct.

#One tip. YouTube automatically places your existing profile picture on the top left of the Channel Art, so make sure you leave space for it.

Below is a copy of my attempt at the Channel Art.


Web Links

Once your Channel Art is added and you are happy with it, you can now add your web links.

Hover your mouse over your Channel Art and a pencil icon appears on the top right-hand side of the graphic.

Hover over the pencil and click on theEdit Links option that appears.

Follow the on-screen instructions that allow you to create one customised link (maybe to your blog or other landing page) and up to four Social Media links.

While you are on this page you can also add your Channel description.

Channel Description

Tell your viewers who you are, what your channel is about, why they should subscribe to your channel and how often you add a new video.

Channel Trailer

This is a video of your choice that is automatically shown to visitors that are not already subscribers to your channel. It gives you an opportunity to ‘win them over’ and convert them to subscribers and hopefully ‘evangelists’ for your channel.

When you convert to the new one channel option, a space appears where you can add your trailer (See below).


That’ll do for now but do check back for additional posts in the future.

This is the end of our TouTube – One Channel blog post.

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