PCeU Ransomware Virus

Virus Screenshot
I heard about a new type of virus scam a couple of months ago, where your PC/laptop is frozen and a ‘ransom’ is demanded by the malware creator to unfreeze the system. This type of malware attack is commonly referred to as ransomware.

Yesterday, I came into contact with a particularly clever and nasty version of this type of attack.

Let me say straight away that the infected laptop had a fully paid and up-to-date anti-virus package istalled and the virus still managed to creep deep into the system.

A bit of a worry, yes?

What it looks like

A screenshot of what it looks like is shown above. You can see it looks very officious and would fool quite a number of people.

It mentions distressing and distasteful things like:

“This IP address was used to visit sites containing child pornography …”

“Your computer also contains video files with pornographic content …”

“Spam messages with terrorist motives were also sent from this computer …”

“This computer lock is aimed to stop your illegal activity.”

Another worrying aspect was that the virus took over the webcam of the laptop and a notice said that the person was now being recorded and that the information would be passed to the relevant legal authorities.

After all this is it then tells you what you should do:

To unlock the computer you are obliged to pay a fine of £100.

£100 for a child abusing pervert that’s into terrorist activities … do you really think the police are that daft?

I will now reveal that the victim of this scam was a 73 year old lady that lives on her own.


I was unable to fix the laptop on-site and had to bring it back to the office. After quite a bit of research and a number of failed attempts to remove the virus, I finally found this solution on the Internet.

>>Click here<<

It lists a few step-by-step methods for removal of the virus but it may be a little complicated for inexperienced computer users to follow. If you are unlucky enough to come across this virus and need help … you know who to call on for help.

Call Bob on 01563 574245 or 07967 526911.

By the way, my client has her computer back and it’s working but she is still quite frightened to go back on the Internet.

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Bob Thomson is an IT professional with over 20 years experience in the industry having worked as a Consultant, Director, Manager and Trainer. He has vast experience using Microsoft software packages as an individual and in businesses situations.

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