PowerPoint 2010 Masterclass – Slide Layouts

ppt02When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to use different slide layouts to make the most of your content in order to get the important points across to your audience.

Slide Layout refers to the positioning and formatting of a slide. The layout uses placeholders which contain all the information you want to display including text, lists, tables, charts, graphics etc.

Placeholders are the boxes on a slide that are surrounded by a dotted line and they can be moved, resized and/or re-formatted if you so wish.

Pre-defined Layouts

PowerPoint 2010 has nine pre-defined layouts but allows you to create custom layouts to suit whatever presentation project you are undertaking. Let’s take a look at them.

Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 if you haven’t already done so.

When the new presentation is opened, the default slide is formatted in the ‘Title Slide’ layout. It has two placeholders, one for the presentation title and one for the subtitle. If this is not the layout you want, what are your options?


On the Home ribbon bar, in the Slides section, click on the Layout icon (shown right). This will open up the slide layout dialog box.

The nine pre-defined layouts are:

  1. Title Slide
  2. Title and Content
  3. Section Header
  4. Two Content
  5. Comparison
  6. Title Only
  7. Blank
  8. Content with Caption
  9. Picture with Caption

Remember, if these don’t ‘float your boat’, you can always customise your own.


Let’s look at one of the options to practise.

Select the ‘Picture with Caption’ option from the drop-down menu.

This opens a new slide with three placeholders already placed for you.

In the centre of the top placeholder, click on the shaded icon. This should open your ‘My Pictures’ folder in a separate dialog box.

Select a picture of your choosing and click Insert.

Click in the Click to add title placeholder and add a title for your picture.

Click in the Click to add text placeholder and add some descriptive text.

Sit back and admire your work.

Here is the one I created.


This is the end of our PowerPoint 2010 – Slide Layouts masterclass.

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