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Last night I had this great idea for a new business venture and I thought it was just so exciting I could hardly sleep.

My idea was to set up a posh kitchen, employ some top-of-the-range chefs (hand picked, not only for their culinary expertise but for their great ‘patter’ and charm too). I would employ the best front-of-house staff I could afford and some amazing backroom staff.

Then I would invite some friends (old and new), charge them a few bob and sit them down for a wee chat and a glass of wine. After they had relaxed a bit, I would invite them through to the kitchen for a themed cookery demonstration, allowing them to taste the dishes being cooked and plying them with more wine and/or soft drinks.

If that wasn’t enough, I would then invite my guests back through to the dining room for a two course meal of exceptional quality, more wine and finish off with either a cup of tea or coffee.

Additionally, because it was a dream and I wanted a utopian event, I would furnish my guests with a copy of all the recipes they witnessed during the demonstration as a parting gift.

How about that for a luxury event to brighten up our drab lives?

Shock … horror. I wake up this morning and find out someone had pinched my idea and set it up exactly the way I had dreamt it. It is called The Cook School Scotland and is situated just 30 mins from Glasgow.

Damn it … back to the drawing board.

This is an unashamed plug for a great East Ayrshire Business. It is well worth the effort travelling to it and is exceptonal value for money. Make sure it is on your radar and go there.

The photo above shows resident chef Gary MacLean preparing the pesto sauce for what turned out to be one of the best pasta dishes I have ever tasted.

Contact Details:
The Cook School Scotland
7 Moorfield North Industrial Park,

Tel: 01563 550008

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