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Lots Of Talk But Still No Answers

Posted on:  November 8th, 2013   by:  

Today, the latest breakfast meeting of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle took place at the Western House Hotel in Ayr. The guest speaker was Nosheena Mobarik OBE, owner of M Computer Technologies in Glasgow and former chair of the CBI … Continue reading

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PowerPoint 2010 Masterclass – Formatting Shapes

Posted on:  July 29th, 2013   by:  

PowerPoint 2010 has many professional-looking, pre-defined objects that can be inserted into our presentations. In this blog we are going to look at how we can modify them and specifically look at formatting shapes. The techniques you will learn in … Continue reading

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Credit Where It’s Due – Great Customer Service

Posted on:  July 26th, 2013   by:  

I have never been lucky with sunglasses. They never seem to last and every year I have to go out and buy a new pair. Some are better than others and, to my utter shame, I have bought some real … Continue reading

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“Eat Your Frogs For Breakfast”

Posted on:  May 31st, 2013   by:  

Yesterday I attended a Time and Priority Management session and one of the topics that came up for discussion was procrastination, the act of putting off, delaying or deferring an action or task to a later time or date. I … Continue reading

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Excel 2010 Masterclass – Sorting and Querying Data

Posted on:  April 24th, 2013   by:  

Okay, we have now created our spreadsheets and got them looking great but now we need to put them to good use. There are many tips and tricks we can employ and one of the most common and useful techniques … Continue reading

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YouTube Changes – One Channel

Posted on:  April 11th, 2013   by:  

If, like me and many other businesses, you have your own YouTube channel, you might be unaware that there are major changes afoot. Although these changes are not compulsory (at the moment) they have been introduced in an effort to … Continue reading

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PowerPoint 2010 Masterclass – Slide Layouts

Posted on:  April 7th, 2013   by:  

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to use different slide layouts to make the most of your content in order to get the important points across to your audience. Slide Layout refers to the positioning and formatting of … Continue reading

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Word 2010 Masterclass – Multiple Columns

Posted on:  February 20th, 2013   by:  

Wanting to ‘jazz up’ your boring old Microsoft Word documents? If your answer is “Yes”, then here is a very quick and simple idea for achieving the look of a newspaper article. The vast majority of newspaper articles are laid … Continue reading

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Windows 8 – What’s New

Posted on:  January 29th, 2013   by:  

Situation normal … we have just got used to Windows 7 … and Microsoft hit us with their latest operating system – Windows 8. Yet again we find ourselves asking: Is it very different? Is it any better? Should we … Continue reading

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Excel 2010 Masterclass – Freezing Rows and Columns

Posted on:  December 10th, 2012   by:  

Freezing rows and columns is a built-in function that Microsoft Excel provides to help when working with large spreadsheets. If you have worked with large spreadsheets before, then you will know some of the problems associated with viewing parts of … Continue reading

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